1961 Ford Anglia Historic Rally Car.

This Anglia recently appeared on eBay. The clean, tidy lines of the car and its interior made me take notice. So, although it's not a Cortina, I thought you might be interested:-

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This is a Ford Anglia 105E Historic Rally car built in 1998. Ford Caribbean blue colour with blue interior.

What a nice, clean tidy car. Everything about this car is smart and functional.

The engine and gearbox are from a 1500 Cortina GT. The engine was built by Randall Engineering and has balanced twin-cam con-rods, stainless twin-cam valves, ported, polished big valve head, A2 camshaft and a CR of 10:1. It has the 26/38 Weber Carb and the GT Exhaust manifold. High pressure oil pump. Filter King regulator/Filter.

5-1/2J Lotus Cortina wheels set this car off perfectly and were the correct period "mod".

Suspension is by Leda Rally struts, 140 lbs springs , negative camber bias. Strut brace. Twin front roll bars. Uprated rear springs (extra leaf) and uprated rear dampers. Diff is 4.2:1.

5.5 x 13 Lotus Cortina steel wheels plus 2 spares on post in boot with wheel brace, fitted with 4 brand new Colway 175 x 70 x 13 tyres.

Ford Classic Capri discs on front with air ducting cooling. 1500GT Master Cylinder. Mintex rear brake linings.

Alloy Sumpguard and Fuel Tank Guard. Locking fuel cap.

The clean lines continue into the boot area, where the spare wheels are carried on a steel tube.

This a well put together Historic Rally car with all the right bits eligible for most historic rallies. It is complete with all the necessary modifications and is ready to go.

The text says the engine bay is scruffy - not apparent is this photo!

The paintwork is good for its age, the boot lid has a repaired rusty corner and the paint has come off in places where stickers have been removed. Chromework is good but with the usual aged patina. It has had bodywork repairs in its 44 year life and a few rally chips and scratches. The engine runs well and is powerful, it uses no oil. The engine bay is scruffy but functional. It is a cheap entry into Historic Rallying, Anglia parts are plentiful and cheap and it is different from the usual entries.

Nice clean interior, with all the switches well thought-out.

All in all a very attractive car. 

Maybe the new owner could get in touch and let us know how he is getting on with the car.

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Page reviewed:- 1st February 2015